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GOD wants His Childred to be Healthy & Prosper; Mind, Body & Spirit. 1John 1:2-4
Providing Healthy Eating and Fitness Education Geared Toward Ending Obesity in the Church, starting with the children. Utilizing T.H.E. P.O.W.E.R. O.F. G.O.D. Biblical Principle for a Healthy Lifestyle, Mind, Body and Spirit. "On Line" and "in Person" workouts, seminars and coaching available.

"Faith Comes By Hearing the WORD OF GOD" keeps the WORD in YOUR ear with Digital and CD SCRIPTURAL Declarations, Affirmasions, Confessions and Reminders. available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and everywhere digital music is sold. Wholesale CDs are available on our website.

Seminars for ALL Ages: Healthy Choices or Consequences-age 6 to 12, Teen to Queen- age 13 to 19, Teen to King- Age 13 to 19, Eating Clean Easy Peazy- Adult, Conquering The Spirit of Gluttony- Adult, Get Fit Fifth Sundays- all Ages, 52 Tools/ eating Healthy on a Budget-Adult


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